Meet the Board


The Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is affiliated with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is governed by the policies and procedures of this national organization. In Arizona, we are led by a state-level Board of Directors comprised of leaders in nutrition and health. The Board of Directors is responsible for the following tasks: govern the organization, set and monitor strategic direction, oversee fiscal planning, appoint members to represent the Academy, establish guidelines and policies for publications, awards and honors.

Board of Directors


Nancy Teeter, RDN

President Elect/Professional Education Team Director

Adrienne Udarbe, MS, RDN

Treasurer/Operations Team Director

Catherine Crinigan, MS, RDN

Secretary/Community Outreach Team Director

Elva Hooker, RDN

Past President/Membership Team Director

Lisa Koehring

Executive Director

Margaret Tate, MS, RDN

Delegate to the Academy

Terri Verason, MS, RDN

Nominating Committee Chair

Tammy Baker, RDN

Communications Team Director

Katy Argo

Advocacy Team Director

Jessie Green, MS, RDN

Governance Team Director

Shari Baird, MS, RDN

Continuing Professional Issues, Chair

Catherine Trier, PhD, RD

Continuing Professional Issues, Chair-Elect

 Angela Hansen






President, C-AZAND

Shannon Smith, PhD, RD, ACSM EP-C

President, N-AZAND

Lorraine Crim, RDN

President, SW-AZAND

Cheryl Chapman, RDN

President, S-AZAND

Beth Dorsey, RDN


AZAND Committees and Teams


Nominating Committee


 Nominating Committee


Tammy Baker, RDN, Chair

Maureen Mason, MS, RD

Erinn Gregory

Community Outreach Team


 Community Outreach Team Director

Elva Hooker, RDN

 Service Coordinator


 Alliance Chair

Sandra Mayol-Kreiser, PhD, RD, CNSC

Communications Team


 Marketing Team Director

Gillean Barkyoumb, MS, RD

 Website, Chair

Kelli Shallal

 Social Media Chair

Nicole Smith 

 Social Media Coordinators

Brooke Robertson

Hannah Gunnerson

Monica Diaz

 State Media Coordinator


 State Media Representative

Katrina Samuels-Garrison, RD

 Listserv/Newsletter Chair

Jamie Lopez

 Listserv/Newsletter Coordinator

Maria Silva


Shannon Heffern

Governance Team


 Governance Team Director

Shari Baird, MS, RD

 Business Development

Rick Hall, MS, RD

 Nominating Committee, Chair

Tammy Baker, RDN



 Policy and Procedure Coordinator


Advocacy Team


 Advocacy Team Director/Public Policy Coordinator

Jessie Green, MS, RDN

 Consumer Protection Coordinator

Whitney Wischki, RD

 Reimbursement Representative

Michelle Berman, MS, RDN, CDE

 Policy Representative

Jessie Green, MS, RDN

 Policy Fundraising Coordinator


Membership Team


 Membership Team Director

Nancy Meister

 Awards Coordinator

Martha (Mosqueda) Huizar, MS, RDN, CLC, CCT

 Member Recruitment Coordinator


 100-Year, Chair

Kathy Dixon, MS, RD

 DTR at Large

Peggy Gomez, BS, NDTR

 Diversity Liason

Ashlee Linares-Gaffer, MS, RD

Professional Education Team


 Professional Education Team Director

Adrienne Udarbe, MS, RDN

 Continuing Professional Issues, Chair

Catherine Trier, PhD, RD

 Continuing Professional Issues, Chair-elect

Angela Hansen

 Webex Coordinator

Elvia Madrid, RDN