Translational Science of the LDL Receptor: an NLA Core Curriculum Intensive Program

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - Friday, May 19, 2017 The Translational Science of the LDL-Receptor: an NLA Master's Course is offered as a 1.5-day course prior to the start of the NLA 2017 Scientific Sessions and provides a comprehensive, in-depth indoctrination to advanced lipid science. This masters-level course is designed to address knowledge, competence, and practice gaps in managing residual CVD risk related to high LDL-C and to provide lipid specialists with improved proficiency on the complexities of LDL metabolism, functionality, and targets of therapy. The educational curriculum serves to disseminate current, advanced science on LDL metabolism, functionality, and its atherogenic activity, provide a forum for experts in clinical lipidology to convey rapidly evolving research on LDL-C to clinicians, and assess current therapeutic options and therapies in development that may modify LDL-C.

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Amina Resheidat
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