Our AZAND Advocacy Team has put together multiple fundraising events this year for anyone to attend and support our efforts to obtain licensure in the state of Arizona!

Register for upcoming events below!

If you can't make it to the event, consider donating to licensure instead here.

March 25th: Cookie Decorating with Maya Schmitt, MS, RDN

Maya Schmitt, MS, RDN, is a current outpatient RDN who strives to encourage individuals to make healthy behaviors a way of life while also enjoying food freedom. In her free time she utilizes her creativity with cooking, costume making, and cookie decorating!

During this event, she will teach us how to make and decorate sugar cookies!

All baking/creative skills are welcomed :) Register here!

April 5-11: Get Active for Licensure!

Register here!

April 29th: QiGong and Meditation

Join us for night of QiGong and Meditation led by Diane Friedman!

Diane has been taking Qigong classes for over nine years and has been a certified Practice Leader of Qigong for two years. We are excited to be led by her passion for this practice.

Anyone is welcome! Register here!