Public Policy

Support for nutrition is not only good public policy, it is good politics.

Working on a broad range of issues to advance the nutritional status of people in the United States and around the world, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics focuses on priority areas covering aging, child nutrition, food and food safety, health literacy and nutrition advancement, Medical Nutrition Therapy, nutrition research and monitoring and weight management for health.

To help focus and guide our policy efforts, the following priority areas and issues have been identified:

  • Disease prevention and treatment, including cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes and pre-diabetes, HIV/AIDS, obesity and weight, and access to healthcare.
  • Lifecycle nutrition, including prenatal and maternal health, early childhood nutrition, school-age students and nutrition for older adults. 
  • Quality healthcare, including healthcare equity, consumer protection and licensure, workforce demand, research and monitoring, lowering healthcare costs and quality measures.

Take Action

We have the ability and responsibility to urge consumers and lawmakers to learn about the positive role nutrition plays in healthy lifestyles and in disease management and treatment. For both individuals and society, the benefits of eating right and exercising include improved qualities of life and lower healthcare costs.

Your activism is extremely important to the success of our national and state agenda - and there are numerous ways to get involved.

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Your AZAND State Public Policy Team

Advocacy Committee Director/Public Policy Coordinator

Michelle Berman, MS, RDN, CDE, FAND

Consumer Protection Coordinator


Reimbursement Representative

Jennifer Doley, MBA, RD, CNSC, FAND

Policy Representative


Policy Fundraising Coordinator