Volunteer Position Opening: Chair-Incoming

If you are a member of AZAND, and would like to volunteer to be the Chair-Incoming for the 2019 AZAND Annual Conference, please see the job description below.  As Chair-Incoming, you will help the General Chair and the conference committee plan and execute this year's 2019 conference, held on Friday, June 7, 2019 at the Desert Willow Conference Center.

You will then take the position of General Chair for the AZAND 2020 Annual Conference, which will be held in Phoenix, at the Desert Willow Conference Center on Friday, June 05, 2020. 

This is a wonderful learning experience, and it gives you the opportunity to network and meet new friends, sharpen your leadership skills, and give back to your community!  If you are interested in applying for the position, please contact Catherine Trier.  We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

SUBJECT: Annual Conference General Chair and Chair-Incoming

BOARD COMMITTEE: Professional Development


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: Annual Nutrition Convention and Exposition 

I. General Function

  1. Chair-incoming is filled by appointment by the incoming AZAND President.  Serves a two-year term: First year as Chair-Incoming with mentoring by Chair. At the end of the first term, Chair-incoming transitions to General Chair.

  2. General Chair is responsible for the Annual AZAND Conference Planning Committee; Chair-Incoming is Co-Chair.

  3. Is a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.  General Chair will attend all meetings of the Board, and submit committee reports at least quarterly.

  4. The General Chair is responsible for maintaining a current Annual Conference Procedural Guide.

II. Specific Functions – Pre-conference

May - June

  1. Chair leads final meeting of the Annual Conference Planning Committee.

  2. Set date and select site for the Annual Conference at least one year in advance (meeting to be held in June or July).

June - August

  1. Determine theme for Annual Conference

  2. Review organizations who would make good meeting partners (e.g. AZDHS, ASU, UA, etc.)

  3. Establish meeting schedule for Conference Planning Committee

  4. The annual meeting committee has the right to establish honorariums, exhibit fees, meal prices, etc. without seeking Board approval. 

  5. Refine speaker proposal form as needed

  6. Refine vendor/sponsor form as needed

August - January

  1. Distribute request for speaker proposals

  2. Review all proposals, select speakers and send notifications

  3. Co-chair creates plans to obtain vendor/sponsors

  4. Publicize a “Save the Date” Announcement

January - March

  1. Distribute request for speaker proposals

  2. Establish registration fees

  3. Set up meeting registration site

  4. Work with AZAND Communications Director on meeting promotion plans

March - May

  1. Promote Annual Conference to nutrition and health professionals

  2. Double down on efforts to confirm conference sponsors/vendors

III. Specific Functions – During conference

General Chair

  1. Liaison with presenters

  2. Encourage AZAND President to visit each vendor table and thank representatives for participating


  1. Liaison with vendor/sponsors

  2. Visit each vendor table and thank representatives for participation

IV. Specific Functions – Post-conference (June or July)

  1. Distribute Annual Post-Conference survey to attendees.

  2. Attend Planning Committee’s post-conference review meeting.   Document plans for continuous improvement.

  3. Out-going General Chair meets with Chair-incoming for transfer of files.

  4. Working with the districts, plan partnership meetings to be held in November, January, and April.